Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Late Start To September

I'm a little late for an end of August/beginning of September post so I'll just post about what it looked like after work today.  This past week has had highs in the upper 90's (last Thursday) to lows in the lower 40's (the last two nights).
The cucumbers that are almost grown appear to be the only ones that we will get this year.  Also, the tomatoe plants are pretty ragged.  We don't expect the regular tomatoes, that are about half-dollar size, to mature.  There are still one or two stems of grape tomatoes growing, though we will take a wait-and-see approach with them.  The peppers are thriving, however, with several harvested and several still growing.

The west garden, front view.

The east garden, the strawberry bed.  From the sun in this pic you can see the relation of sunshine to plant growth.

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