Monday, January 13, 2014

An Early 2014 Peek

20140112 014Yesterday afternoon I was out clearing ice off the walks, so I had my boots on anyway; I strolled through the snow to take a rare look at the gardens at this time of year.  Aye, I've passed on trips to the compost bin through the last bitter cold spell.  Everything looks like I suspected it would.

20140112 016The opposite back corner of the yard has seen some squirrel activity.  It seems they finally figured out that is where I throw all the walnuts when I clear the yard.  Unfortunately for them, the pile got topped off with blocks of frozen leaves when I finally got the gutters cleaned.  Also, it appears either a squirrel was snacking on a walnut while sitting on the fence or else chewing on the fence.  Judging from the whole, I'd say chewing on the fence.