Sunday, April 24, 2016

What A Difference...

DSCF4672... a week can make.  Kate has spent much time in the yard and garden again this week, trying to keep ahead of the weeds, planting in the garden and keep up with the growing plants we have.  I don't remember all that she planted in the west garden, she'll have to write something to explain what's what when they start sprouting.


Like last week, I took another picture tour of the yard.  It really is amazing how some things have grown in the last week.  Click Read More below!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Garden Work and Yard Tour

DSCF4642 B

DSCF4638The weather seems to have finally accepted that Spring is here.  Temperatures have been very nice this weekend, we even have the windows open, finally.  Yesterday Kate spent much time in the yard and gardens weeding and removing the winter's hay, and getting the compost soil better distributed.  Not all the work is done, but everything seems to finally be on schedule.


I went out yesterday and took pictures of her work and of all our flowers and plants and what stage of spring growth they are in.  Click Read More below for all those pictures!