Sunday, April 21, 2013

Berry Planting

20130420 006Yesterday was a nice day, relatively, this spring for us.  The cool weather has our spring plants behind in their growth, most things have barely started.  But we had plants that needed to be planted before they died, so Kate spent several hours in the garden and yard getting it done.  Me?  I slept in, my butt was dragging all day, but I was out there some and got pictures.  I also took a trip to the hardware store and some other errands so I didn't feel totally worthless.  Anyway there are more creeping phlox planted in the tree area (pic over here), and two types of rapberries and ever-bearing strawberries now planted here in the east (right) garden.

cpd 1

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Break From April Showers

Finally the rain gave us a break - see my rant yesterday here - and we finally got a dry day to do some work on the garden.  Of course, the forecast calls for rain 6 out of the next 7 days again.  Saturday looks to be dry as of now, and if so then we (Kate) may be able to get the strawberries in plus some plants around the yard.
20130416 015

We added 2 cubic feet of composted manure and 2 cu ft of garden soil to the east garden, closest in the pic, and 1.5 cu ft of the composted manure at the top of the west garden where Kate has put in a trellis for the peas, also planted this afternoon.  We have 2 cu ft of garden soil and 1.5 cu ft of composted manure left over for adding later, saving for next year or using around the yard where needed.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Garden Spring Cleaning

20130407 001 2
It is a nice day out with temps in the 50's, good enough to get a start on the garden.  We cleaned up the dead strawberry plants removed most of the hay that was covering the garlic, the rows that are visible.  I also removed excess dirt from the center path and caulked up the seams that were leaking that dirt out of the garden.  I made an attempt to turn the compost, but under the loose dry stuff it was like a block of ice yet.  That's all for today, but I foresee a flurry of activity back here in the coming weeks.
20130407 002