Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Not Much Change

The middle of August is here and, well, there hasn't been much change.  The herbs may be a bit bigger, still a rediculous amount.  I think Kate has a food dehydrator picked out to save a bunch of it for future use.  Perhaps we can give some away for the holidays this year?  I'll have to suggest that to her.

The strawberry plants continue to thrive and multiply.  I hope this is a real good sign for the spring.  When I think back to how we started with plants in a grid and squirrels constantly digging them up, I am very pleased with their progress.

Below is a close-up pic.  Kinda looks like a jungle in there, huh?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Is Always Kind Of A Slap In The Face...

It says 'Hey!  Summer isn't gonna last forever!'  On the other hand, football season is nigh!  Anyway, again I'm a bit late for the twice monthly update.  All who care, raise your hand!  That's what I thought...

The west garden is feast and famine.  At the top the herbs are bigger all the time, it seems.  The bottom is barren, the lettuce and the garlic fully harvested.

I think we'll have to get a food dehydrater (or the like) to store herbs for future use.  We have tried to give some away but it seems like nobody cooks with fresh herbs very often.  Oh well, too much bounty.  What kind of problem is that?*

The strawberry garden is still thriving, sending out as many runners as ever.  Containing them is proving to be a daily task, yet the bottom could fill in a little. 

Maybe we will plan ahead a little better next year and find things to plant early, then later and get two rewards for the same area every year.  I better get to like veggies a lot more - or find a steak plant!

*Edit:  I should point out we have been eating our share.  Kate has made her own spaghetti and other sauces and seasoned many other wonderful dishes as well.