Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fall and Spring Garlic

A couple weeks ago my wife pulled the garlic that she had planted earlier this spring.
2014 spring planted garlic

Today she pulled the garlic that she had planted last fall.
2014 fall-planted garlic

There is a size difference, two different kinds of garlic, I'm sure.

20140727 026

Saturday, July 19, 2014

After, or Part 2 - Cleaned Up

20140719 005
The final product after Kate removed the sad tomato plants and a drooping pepper plant.  Just to note: Computer problems have kept me from posting since before the last post.
20140719 003
And here's the garlic that was planted this spring.  The garlic that was planted this fall is still robust and not yet ready to be picked.  I haven't seen how big the cloves may be yet, but fall planting is the way to do garlic, I believe!

20140719 007

West garden.  Go garlic, go cucumbers!  Above those are still two pepper plants, thyme and oregano.

20140719 009

In the east garden we have, from bottom to top, strawberries, sad raspberry plants, better raspberry plants, and parsley at the very top right.

Before, or Part 1 - Bacteria Wilt?

20140717 004
This is the garden a couple days ago.  Since the last post Kate has harvested carrots, onion, maybe radishes, and thinned out the dead raspberry plants.  The ones in the middle of the near garden (above) are alive, but the ones near the right are doing a bit better.  She has tried to grow it all organically, but we're finding some form of pesticide or fertilizer may be necessary if we want to grow some things.
20140717 006

The tomato plants have been limp, my wife thinks it is bacterial wilt.  She looks this stuff up, I don't.  But they - and even the cucumber vines somewhat - go limp.  They live but they just look, well, bad and sad.  These are the before pics from two days ago, next post is after Kate cleaned up the gardens this morning.20140717 007

In the east garden Kate removed the basil plants that were at the very top of this pic due to slugs, we think.  Only parsley remains at the very top right.  At the bottom we have living strawberry plants.  I don't know what else to say about them.  They are protected with the screen above from squirrels but they aren't thriving.  We did start these late, however.  The first plants were destroyed by the bastards, go back a couple posts and see the video!