Saturday, April 18, 2015

Planting Today*

20150418 004

Kate got some planting done in the garden today.  Now in the west garden, below the garlic that was planted last fall, are 4 rows of newly planted seeds.  From the top, peas are planted zigzag along the pea trellis, then rows of radishes, green onions and lettuce.  There is still room along the bottom for future plantings of two tomato plants, two basil plants, and a parsley plant.  She covered the whole thing in netting to minimize the inevitable bird and squirrel mischief.

20150418 006

In the east garden there are no new plantings, but the top row of raspberry plants are spreading out and the middle row, a different kind of raspberry, is coming back as well.  They make me nervous, these raspberry plants.  I do hear how they like to spread so I hope we did not create a monster.  Most of the strawberry plants in the bottom third of this side have come back.  My wife has charged me with building a better, taller squirrel- and bird-proof cover.  I'll need more chicken wire, but I should have the wood for this small project.

*Edit 4/21:  I was reminded by my wife that I forgot the row of cilantro, just above the peas.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Early Garden Clean-Up

Kate spent some time cleaning up the gardens today.  The soil was too wet for planting, but one step closer.  Also we've had our first flower for a couple days now.  And third, the tree.  Sigh.  The tree will be (expensively) brought down very soon.

20150411 006

20150411 008

20150411 011