Tuesday, June 29, 2010

End Of June Update

Here's the end of June update for the gardens.  There's really not much to report - it is just a garden, but it is our garden, our first garden at that.

The west garden is still thriving.  The Red Ruben Basil is the same, no growth but still living.  You can't even see it behind the sage from this angle anymore.  Kate dug up one of the garlic plants just to check their growth.  They are healthy despite being beaten down by rain but, of course, not ready yet.  All the other herbs we have been using as needed.  It's just neat to go out and cut what you need for dinner.  The lettuce along the bottom has to be near the end.  There is still some to cut and eat, but it is getting more and more scraggly looking.  That's okay, it has been cut several times and we have enjoyed eating it all spring.

The strawberry patch in the east garden is very healthy.  They seem to have stopped flowering and are just sending out runners like crazy.  Hopefully they grow, grow, and grow some more so it gets really established.  We are still looking forward to fresh strawberries next spring!

There's not a whole lot to write about the gardens right now.  I do try to update every fortnight or so just to watch the growth.  It is kind of neat to look back at how small it all started.  We always have the harvest to look forward to.  Kate will have to dry some herbs this fall so we can use them all winter long!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mid June Growth Update

It's been almost 2 weeks, so here's just a quick update to show the growth.  Everything in the west garden is healthy and thriving except the Red Ruben Basil.  It's not dying, but it's not thriving either.  The lettuce has been cut, eaten, and cut again but still is growing well.  As long as it grows, though, it will be eaten.

The strawberry plants in the east garden have recovered nicely from the early squirrel attacks.  Some are obviously stunted, yet are healthy and growing.  The one in the lower middle didn't make it so there are 2 dead spots.  The larger plants are starting to send out runners, however, so hopefully it will all be filled in sooner than later.