Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Garden and Yard, Winterized

DSCF5300This may be the last post on the garden site, at least for this year.  I've barely kept this site updated this year.  I was hoping that my wife would enjoy posting here, she did a few posts, but that has not happened.  I guess I'll just have to see what happens here next year.

The east garden got the last of our straw a week or so after the last post.  I had to get more so we could add some to the west garden.

We have more than enough garden space and have not been utilizing it to its fullest.  Time is a big factor, so is laziness.  No berries for us this year.

All leaves have been raked, mulched  for the flowerbeds or mowed into the lawn.  Gutters are clean, composted dirt emptied and deterrent spread for whatever has been shitting in my yard.  Only the gnome and a few decorative stakes have yet to be put away.  Some dead plants will have to be removed in spring, this fall has been so mild I let them continue on.

The last yard tour of 2016 after the break.