Monday, May 25, 2015

Ms. Scoakat Blogs

The garlic, planted last fall, is looking good. It’s the same type I’ve planted the last couple years and I really like it. Great flavor, nice size heads, and easy to peel cloves.

I planted cilantro seed disks again this year and they are doing well; not quite as well as last year’s but I wasn’t able to get them from the same, local company this year. Funny story about the cilantro seed disks this year… Mr. Scoakat accidentally threw away the first pack of seed disks I bought this year. They were sitting on top of the TV stand with the shipping invoice (I had to buy them online this year) next to some junk mail… it was an honest mistake.
20150523 010The peas are doing well too. Last year, several weeks (and a lot of damage) passed before I realized the pea sprouts were being eaten by birds! This year I covered the east bed with bird netting after planting the first seeds in April.
As previously noted, I harvested the radishes on Thursday. I’ve had a few as snacks and they are delish! I will have more in salads soon. I might even be able to convince Mr. Scoakat to try a few slices in his salads (yes, he eats salads… don’t tell him I told you).

The lettuce seeds I planted in April are MIA, or AWOL… or maybe they were abducted by aliens??? The point is, no lettuce.
Basil is a cat (an emotionally needy, rather large, scaredy-cat; see Scoakat’s Blog for more information) but basil is also a Mediterranean herb that is lovely in Italian dishes but does not like cold temperatures. We had two or three nights under 40 degrees this week, so the basil’s not looking too hot (ba-dum-ch).

The parsley looks fine. Especially when you consider it had to travel to hell and back seven times before it ever even sprouted!
I planted marigolds around the tomatoes on Saturday; they’re supposed to keep squirrels away. We’ll see how that works.
The thyme is adjusting well to its move. Apparently thyme is on my side…

20150523 013On to the other side of the garden!
I’ve done a lot of weeding on this side lately, and there’s a lot more to do. The red raspberries (in the back) are spreading in a way that makes me happy and nervous at the same time! I’m glad they’re doing so well, but I know raspberries can get out of hand, so…

The ‘purple’ raspberries (in the middle) aren’t doing quite as well; for now, I’m okay with that.
I planted six new ever-bearing strawberry plants on Saturday. A few of them already have healthy runners and due to the new strawberry cover, I’m not too worried about the squirrels tearing them out; so I’m hopeful we’ll have strawberries to eat this summer. Of course, the first ripe berry goes to Mr. Scoakat; a reward for crafting the new (Improved!) strawberry cover.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Catching Up*

20150522 017Just to catch up, last Saturday Kate planted stuff in the east garden.  From the bottom row, tomato, thyme (replanted), tomato.  Next row up is basil, parsley, basil. Also, on Thursday she picked the radishes.

20150522 019On a side note, my wife Kate will be taking over posting on this site.  Well, I hope so.  We'll see how much I end up doing still...

*Edit: These pictures were taken Friday evening, yesterday. Kate has put much more work into the gardens today and will be posting her first post here hopefully tomorrow, with pics taken this evening.

I'm really looking forward to her perspective and personality here!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Strawberry Cover and Plant Day

20150509 015Yesterday I made a taller cover for the strawberries so they have room to grow and still have protection from birds and squirrels.  I threw it together out of scrap wood that I had, thankfully I have a table saw.  We did have to buy some more chicken wire but at least it's pretty cheap.  Now we're hoping to actually get some strawberries to eat this year.

20150509 016

We also went out and got plants yesterday, a Spring ritual.  We bought two hanging plants, one for front and one for back, and several smaller plants to put in the pot out front and Kate pulled several old pots out of the garage to fill with plants to put on the stump in back.

Plant Day pictures after the break!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Yard and Garden Pics

Wednesday I mowed the lawn for the first time this year.  I also got out and about the yard with the camera.  For keeping a photo record's sake, a tour of the back yard and garden flora... and some more rocks.

20150507 001

20150507 004

20150507 005

20150507 006

20150507 010

20150507 013
20150507 014
20150507 016
The reason I have a project tomorrow.

20150507 018