Saturday, July 29, 2017

Garlic, Plus More



In the past couple days we harvested the Dill, Garlic, Lettuce and Radishes.

On Thursday I harvested the dill plants that had popped up all over the east garden, and got all the weeds out from around the garlic.

Yesterday, Kate harvested that garlic and it was a rather good crop.  Still not enough to last until next year's harvest, she said.


In the west garden she also got the radishes.  She may try planting again for a third harvest of them this year.  I'm not a fan but she likes them and she also gives some to her dad.

She also brought in the romaine lettuce, but the leaf lettuce was very overgrown so most if not all went into the compost bin.  A shame, but lack of time and growing hordes of mosquitoes have kept us away from the garden.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Late July

DSCF5746Even though I'm posting this first, this yard and garden tour is from after my bike ride this afternoon.  When I got home I first put my bike up, and by this time the yard was dry enough to mow so mow I did, then I took these pictures.

We've had a very wet spring and summer so far, in fact we had a some little lakes again in the back yard last night.  Something to remember for when I install a permanent fire pit in the yard.


And there's usually a few slugs every year, but more so this year with all the wetness.  Maybe not quite the damage my blogger friend Blue Witch has described to me, but you can see their damage on some hostas and the lettuce in the garden if you look close.

Otherwise, it has been a fine year for the yard and garden for us.

After the break is the full picture tour.