Sunday, August 25, 2013

Late August Update

These are pics that I took a couple days ago and finally getting around to posting.  The peppers were picked about a week ago and are hung in the porch to dry.

20130822 017

20130822 018
20130822 021

20130822 026

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Picking and Planting

20130804 005Last night Kate gathered a few veggies for use in salads and also to use in a brine for the juicy, delicious chicken we grilled today.

Edit:  The veggies were used in a jerk marinade for later - previously harvested herbs were used in the brine.

20130804 008

Today Kate planted some more romaine lettuce in the east garden, to use up the seeds that she thought would no longer be any good next year.  (They were barely good this year.)

She also planted more peas in the west garden for similar reasons, plus she says they both may produce yet before winter.

20130804 013

The empty tomato cage is to hold up the netting which we have placed over this side.  This happened a couple days after the last post.