Sunday, June 24, 2012

Garlic Harvest

Last Sunday, after my last post, Kate did indeed harvest the garlic.  So, before a regular update is due again, here's a pic of the garlic that was planted last Fall and endured a mild Winter and up and down Spring.  The bulbs are small, but may last us a season hopefully....  Well, maybe not, but there are still a few odd bulbs that were planted this Spring that we'll get in the Fall.

The weather here has been very warm to hot and very, very dry.  We have been watering the garden at least every other day with the hose but the lawn is turning brown.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mid June Update

Atop the west garden, the peas are almost done.  They haven't climbed the trellis as well as we had hoped so next time I may have to figure out a way to keep it more upright rather than leaning against the garage as it is now.  The plants below are coming along nicely.  There are two pepper plants below the peas toward the left, the two tomato plants in front of them, with basil on the right.  Then parsley, cilantro and oregano.  Chives are above thyme in the lower right.  And the garlic at the bottom which was planted last fall has started to lay over so Kate will probably harvest it today.
The strawberries were a disappointment this year, after about 7 quarts last year we got less than 1 this year of mostly small berries.  It's not just us, the odd, mild Spring this year made it bad for strawberries throughout the region.  The netting is no longer needed and will be removed when we get around to it.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garden and Yard Picture Update

I've been a little lazy posting lately.  These pics are actually from yesterday afternoon.

All the new plants are coming along nicely in the west garden.  The peas have flowered and even have pods growing already.  We continue to let the garlic that was planted last fall grow, and the new ones planted a few weeks ago started coming up a while ago.  There is a side view after the break.

The east strawberry bed is confused, I think.  The very warm March, then cool and rainy April has it looking spotty and producing small amount of mostly small berries so far.  We put the net on a couple days after the last post.  There is still time and berries to grow yet, but time is running out.
More pics of the garden and yard after the break.