Sunday, April 23, 2017

Garden Redo

DSCF5532Last weekend Kate weeded the area around the stump and this weekend it was time for the garden.  She spent hours out there weeding, trimming raspberry plants, and moving ALL the strawberry plants from the east garden to the west garden.  This way we can add compost to the east garden this year.  Most all the hay has been put into the center path for weed control there and netting has been placed over the west garden to keep critters from un-planting that which has just been planted.  The garlic is on top and there are herbs on the bottom with strawberry plants planted wherever they fit.


There's another yard tour after the break.  She also spread mulch in the flowerbeds which makes it look much nicer until I get some plants in there.  Hostas and lily of the valley are coming up.  And in front, where my wife put tulips a few years ago, they finally have a few flowers!  Too little too late, though.  They go downhill after spring and then is empty for the rest of the summer.  The last picture, I plan to replant that area with new plants in a couple weeks.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Hello Spring 2017

It finally dried out enough and the sun showed up so I got to take a picture tour of the yard and gardens for Spring!  These pics are from Saturday, as of yet I see no blooms (but some are getting close).  It was officially spring a week ago, but I've done nothing outside yet other than dig up a few rocks that became exposed over winter around the stump.  I think I'll use them in the corner under the lilac to define that corner some more.


Full tour after the break: