Sunday, March 20, 2011

Peas, Please

By yesterday afternoon my wife had the west garden looking a whole lot better.  She put the regular chives and the garlic chives in pots and got rid of the dead parsley.  The sage and thyme plants in the middle were left to grow back.  Since the dirt had settled we added six more bags of topsoil before Kate planted a row of peas at the top of the garden.

The east garden we haven't touched yet, and probably won't until we're pretty sure it won't frost again.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello Spring!

If I remember right, tomorrow is the official first day of Spring!  and with that my wife's mind turns over from the 'planning' stage to the 'action' stage.  She wants to pot some of the plants from last year and plant the peas, which I found odd as it might snow again as early as Tuesday.

Here is the west garden, untouched since last year.

And here is the east garden, the strawberry patch, also untouched since last year.

Now is the time to continue what we started last year, and after letting the strawberries establish themselves last year I'm looking forward to eating those berries!