Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Late May Update

DSCF4742I've been trying to get Kate to post so she can tell you what's what.  I know the east garden is strawberries and raspberries, we covered it with the netting last weekend.  And the west garden has garlic and a couple lettuces and other stuff.


Sunday, May 8, 2016


Kate has been doing lots of weeding and harvested the spring onions.  The picture is not even all of them.  She is part of our neighborhood farcebook page and offered the extra up to the neighbors yesterday.  As of an hour or so they are all gone to good homes so we did not have to waste any.


DSCF4715These were given to us by a coworker last year.  We had never grown them before and did not know what to expect, especially due to the mild and up and down winter we had.  They are just like what you think of as a green onion, except these are quite a bit larger.

DSCF4716In the west garden the onions are gone, what you see there still is garlic.  You can see some small things growing in rows in the bottom half.  I'm still trying to get Kate to write here so she can tell you what is where.

The east garden has been weeded and we got out the cover I slapped together last year to keep the squirrels out.  Raspberries on top, strawberries below.

Another spring yard tour after the break!