Sunday, May 28, 2017

More Plants

DSCF5603More plants have been added to the yard and garden.


Another picture tour after the break.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Full Spring Yard Tour

DSCF5568The fun part of taking pictures each year (and collecting them in one easy spot) is seeing the growth.  The year to year evolution of our whole yard, of course, but here just week to week or month to month and over the whole season, watching all these plants grow and bloom and provide a little color and happiness in our lives.

The strawberry plants have really taken to the compost-enriched soil of the west garden.  I haven't seen the plants look so robust in some time.  The garlic and herbs are coming along as well.


Shortly before these pictures Kate planted a bunch of seed rows in the east garden.  And the raspberry plants are still there.  The east garden never got much of the compost soil because it was hard to add in between the plants.  Moving the strawberry plants gives us a chance to enrich the cheap soil I started with.  I hope the seeds do well, but they may do better next year.  Also, after uploading pictures we remembered to cover the area where seed rows are planted to help keep them from being dug up so I had to go out again to get an updated picture.  Just two chicken wire covers I slapped together a few years ago that we've used off and on in the garden and they seem to work well.

Now, the tour starts after the break.  This time I thought I'd add a little caption commentary, just for kicks!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Before the Hostas Fall

DSCF5543Another back yard tour to show the growth since last time.  Spring is a wonderful time of year.  I like it when the hostas are bursting forth yet have not fallen, like here, but the ones on the side of the house have already started to fall.
Next weekend - Mother's Day weekend - will probably be plant shopping time.  Time to pick out all sorts of colorful fun plants and fill the pots and plant beds.