Saturday, June 2, 2012

Garden and Yard Picture Update

I've been a little lazy posting lately.  These pics are actually from yesterday afternoon.

All the new plants are coming along nicely in the west garden.  The peas have flowered and even have pods growing already.  We continue to let the garlic that was planted last fall grow, and the new ones planted a few weeks ago started coming up a while ago.  There is a side view after the break.

The east strawberry bed is confused, I think.  The very warm March, then cool and rainy April has it looking spotty and producing small amount of mostly small berries so far.  We put the net on a couple days after the last post.  There is still time and berries to grow yet, but time is running out.
More pics of the garden and yard after the break.

*Important Note - To view all the pics in a slideshow just click on the pic.  To see the actual size pic you have to right click and open in a new tab or window.

Side view of the west garden.

Cone flowers planted last year, lower left, are coming back well this Spring.

Here's a couple pics from the area around the Silver Maple out back.  You'll have to look close, but the small plants that Kate planted earlier this Spring are doing very well.

The irises and alium are done flowering for the year.  There are a couple tall tiger lilies to bloom yet.

There have been better years for the peonies, we had about 2 good days before wind and storms took their toll.

The day lilies in the corner behind the stairs are doing wonderful but will be split in fall to fill the area more.

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