Saturday, July 19, 2014

After, or Part 2 - Cleaned Up

20140719 005
The final product after Kate removed the sad tomato plants and a drooping pepper plant.  Just to note: Computer problems have kept me from posting since before the last post.
20140719 003
And here's the garlic that was planted this spring.  The garlic that was planted this fall is still robust and not yet ready to be picked.  I haven't seen how big the cloves may be yet, but fall planting is the way to do garlic, I believe!

20140719 007

West garden.  Go garlic, go cucumbers!  Above those are still two pepper plants, thyme and oregano.

20140719 009

In the east garden we have, from bottom to top, strawberries, sad raspberry plants, better raspberry plants, and parsley at the very top right.

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