Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Is In The Air

It's the middle of September and the garden has wound down for the most part.  As things are removed and winterized I will continue to chronicle it here, for my own reference if nothing else.
The cucumbers didn't flourish like they teased, but it was worth the experience of trying to grow them.  Kate made an attempt at a recipe for them, but I think we need to start with a better, more apt type of cucumber for our needs rather than the free seeds we used.  The tomato plants have been cut down to one surviving grape tomato stem that may be finished after possible frost last night and tonight.  Last night, when these pics were taken, we covered the pepper plants (top left and below) that are still producing and have a dozen or more peppers growing on each.  We will have to cover them tonight as well, then we should warm up a bit again.  Two nights ago Kate cut and brought in both of the basil plants.  The only other things left are sage in the middle top and thyme in the lower left (both in the top pic).

On a side note, the chives that spent the first year in the garden and this year in a pot beside the garden, have been thriving.  I hear some people plant them just for decoration and not just for consumption and I can see why.  Right now they look healthy and have nice white blooms.  We're trying to figure out a place to plant them in the yard, maybe in the area around the tree.

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