Friday, August 19, 2011

Middle of August

Monday morning I went out and took pics to post, then forgot to post them.  Tuesday morning I remembered that and went out and took some more pics, then forgot all about it again.  Today I am finally posting, but the pic is from Tuesday, it still looks the same!
Let's do a small rundown, just for the record, shall we?  In the first row at the bottom of the garden, left in this pic, all that is left is the small thyme plant.  Kate picked the carrots the Saturday after my last post.  Like the radishes they were mostly greens and only very small roots.   I may have cheaped out and used too much top soil when filling it originally.  When we add more in the Spring it will be manure and garden compost to enrich the soil.  In the next row is the peppers, sweet in front and jalapeno in back (with over 20 peppers on it!).  Third row is sage above and a large leaf basil below.  I only call it that because there is a small leaf basil next to it in the fourth row.  Also in that row are the grape tomato plant up top and the regular tomato plant in the middle.  In the last row, draped along the small trellis I put in to contain the peas in Spring (which grew larger than I expected, but I had no idea), are the cucumber plants.  They are filling the top of the garden and running down each side.  If you look close you will see one vine that found the top of the tomato plant and continues to grow straight up! 

On a side note, I know nobody really reads this but my labelling system here sucks.  I may have to check out some other garden blogs to get some ideas on labels to organize my posts better.  Also a pic of the strawberry field and some of Monday's pics just for my own reference after the break.


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