Thursday, August 4, 2011

Early August Veggies Ripening

Just a few notes today.  First, there are several small cucumbers growing, including one that is trying to defy gravity.  As it tries to grow up it becomes increasingly round rather than elongated.  You can also see a clump of small ones in the upper right.  (Click the pics to see them bigger.)

Some grape tomatoes are starting to ripen.  This plant grew bigger than we expected.  If it stood upright it would probably be almost as tall as me!  So another gardening lesson learned, if we plant these again we'll need a taller cage.

And here you can see some big sweet peppers in front and some jalapenos growing in the background. There are a lot more jalapenos growing on that plant than you can see here, maybe 15 or more, but I tried to get some of each in this shot.

The weather finally turned a bit milder so the plants aren't baking during the day anymore, but it has also turned dry so I have been watering the garden a bit every day.  I try to wait for evening but since I'm off work I'm pretty bored so I usually do it when they say not to - in the middle of the day.  Oh well, it's just a bit of water.  We've been talking about getting a sprinkler but it certainly isn't urgent.  Until next time, Happy Gardening! 

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