Friday, February 19, 2010

Planning the Raised Bed

It's a good thing I haven't posted what plan I've thought of yet, I've changed my mind about 7 times now. It's safe to say the plans have yet to be decided upon. Still plenty of time. Heck, we could possibly see 8-9 inches of snow early next week, or as little as nothing. Right now that system is coming in from southern Cal headed to St. Louis or North. They never know..

I think I know the garden Kate wants ideally, it kinda depends on what I am most comfortable building in that space. I'm thinking of time, labor, and material cost as well. I want to do it early but not in mud, either. on the plus side, I may get a new power tool out of this!

These are some of the firsts we will be experiencing in our first spring in our first house! All the other plants will be coming back in so there will be some plant drama with that as well.

This is actually fun!


Mom said...

I'm sure your experiences gardening as a child will help you now!!

Scoakat said...

It won't hurt! I'll be here to help but this is Kate's project once I build it.