Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ever Bearing, Summer Bearing

I finally got around to harvesting the arugula, and planting the strawberries and spring (or maybe winter?) onions.
20150822 004Most of the arugula was too large and woody to keep, but there were enough small leaves to use for salads or sandwiches. I also took out one of the basil plants; it never really came back from its cold start and after the heat we had last weekend (temps in the 90s) it took a bad turn. It wasn’t a complete loss; I got a handful of leaves from it.
In my last post I mentioned my plan to plant spring onions; a friend gave us some ready to plant from their garden. However, a few nights ago Mr. Scoakat told me he thought they were winter onions. I’m pretty sure the friend said spring onions; he’s pretty sure the friend said winter onions. I guess we’ll find out in the spring. Or we could just call the friend and ask… The spring/winter onions are planted in three rows at the back of the west garden.

20150822 005The new strawberries are an ever bearing variety. They went in between the established strawberries and the raspberries. Speaking of raspberries, I finally found the email from my order and now I know they’re summer bearing. That means they’re not going to produce fruit this year. Oh well, there’s always next year.
I covered the newly planted strawberries with the awesome strawberry cover Mr. Scoakat built. Here’s hoping it keeps the squirrels out; there’s almost nothing I hate more than re-planting strawberries. And speaking of squirrels, they’ve been stealing my tomatoes ad soon as they’re ripe! Again! The marigolds are useless! Okay not completely useless, but also not the squirrel repellent I was hoping for.
Green onions are done for the year. I harvested the last of them yesterday. I’m still waiting on the carrots. The thyme and parsley are looking good. I’ll be using some of both and some basil to make meatballs soon!

20150822 009b

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