Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Stab At Strawberries

Right after the strawberry destruction two weeks ago Kate ordered more plants.  These were the crowns and roots kind from mail order and not the leafy plants we picked up last time.  She planted them Friday evening and was sure to cover them with one of the protective 'lids' I made a few weeks back.  We even put mothballs about to keep the squirrel bastards away - and it all seems to be working, for the last few days anyway.

20140608 004

20140608 016

The west garden is growing very well, but the pea plants seem stunted from being nibbled on early before we got the netting over them.
20140608 018
And now for a view from places around the yard!  I don't expect you to take the time, but it's kinda neat for me to look back and see how things have changed and filled out.
20140608 012

20140608 013

20140608 014

20140608 021

The old gnome's home, above, became a bit too obscured, so he is back along the fence and among the hostas, below.

20140608 022

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