Wednesday, September 25, 2013

East Garden Re-Do

Last night we put some work into the east garden to get ready for next season.  It may be a little early, but that should give the plants some time to establish themselves after replanting.
20130924 020
Here is the final product, replanted and watered.  Also with bird netting in an attempt to keep the critters from digging in it.  It didn't work, Kate had to replant about half the strawberry crowns today after work and we lost a few.  Damn squirrels.
See the whole thing, start to finish, after the break!

20130924 002

Last night we began to get the east garden ready for next year.  Here, Kate harvests oregano and pots the plant, and also harvested the little lettuce that was there.  Both in the upper right.

20130924 004

With the plants removed from the top half I added about a quarter of our own compost, half a bag of composted manure and half a bag of garden soil.  After she removed the strawberry plants at the bottom I added the same amounts to the bottom half of the garden.  We removed all of the raspberry plants and gave it a good mixing and pat down with the garden rake.

20130924 006

Here, Kate is replanting raspberry plants about a quarter of the way down from the top of the garden.

20130924 008

In this pic the second row of raspberry plants is replanted in the middle.

20130924 013

20130924 015

Above, Kate planting new strawberry crowns in the lower half of the garden, and fully planted on the left.

20130924 015

The east garden, fully planted for next year.  Now we need some hay to cover the strawberry plants and maybe the base of the raspberry plants.

20130924 011
The rest of the compost, left, will be used in the west garden later.  You can see we have a start on next year's garden soil on the right.  This will be quite full by the time fall is over.

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