Sunday, June 9, 2013

More Planting, Little Growth Yet

20130608 006Today in the west garden Kate planted more microgreen seeds at the top right of the pea trellis where the peas didn't come up.  These pics are from yesterday, before today's planting, but really it looks the same.

20130608 010On May 26 Kate added 4 strawberry plants to the ones the squirrels left us, so now there are 8 or 9 total.  Also today, Kate planted more leaf lettuce above the raspberry plants on the right.

The left side of the compost bin is what we acquired all last year and even some early spring stuff this year.  You can see it is almost pure dirt already.  This year's compostables go into the right side.  I wasn't sure it would be ready in one year but we will be able to add it to the garden this fall or early next spring.
20130608 015

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