Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Very Dry Going Into July

The month of June recorded less that a half inch of rainfall in our area to go along with very high temperatures.

In the west garden we have been watering every evening and still can't keep up.  The peas were looking to start a second bloom, in fact we do have a few growing, but the plants are drying up.  The tomato plants have been cooked by the sun and would surely be a dry shell if we haven't done the watering we have.  I think they'll still make it, but we have to have some rain and milder weather soon.  The peppers and the herbs are doing well enough with our watering.

In the strawberry bed, well, we don't even water it anymore.  Now the question is if they're just dormant or dead.  Dead is fine, actually, we could stand to add some more dirt and nutrients on this side.

We continue to water the thyme and sage, in pots in the upper right, and they seem to be okay.

My lawn, on the other hand, is drying out more and more.  *Sigh*  We need rain!  Somebody do a rain dance!  Anything!

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