Monday, April 25, 2011

New Plants Arrive

Kate has been receiving plants in the mail a bunch lately and they needed to be planted soon.  We are not quite ready to plant them outside. so yesterday she put them into planters temporarily so they continue to grow.  We put these planters in the porch that we should have back soon from the little construction project going on out there. Most of these were flowers, I believe.  Day lilies, cone flowers, and Lily of the valley among them.

While she was doing that I got as much hay out of the strawberry bed as I could.  (You can see both the chives and garlic chives from last year in pots in the upper right of the pic.)  For now it will line the path between the gardens - not the easiest place to trim the grass or control weeds.  I think Kate may go throught it later this week when she plants the garlic and get some remaining hay and also thin the strawberry plants that are starting out almost as out of control as at the end of last year!

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