Friday, December 3, 2010

A Day Before The First Snow

This may be the last post this year about the garden, unless I make it back there for some reason after it snows.  These pics were taken last night after work knowing that we will be getting our first snowfall of the season tonight.  I've heard anywhere from 2-6 inches when it's all done, so I guess we'll just see.  In the west garden the chives, thyme and parsley have been left for dead.  I'm not sure what will come back next year, but whatever does will probably be potted and controlled a little more than running wild in the garden.

The east garden, the strawberry patch, has been mulched with hay for the winter.  I did take the string trimmer out and we cut the tops off the plants, careful not to cut too much or damage the crowns.  Then we covered it in a layer of hay for the imminent winter snow cover.  It didn't take much, only 40 square feet of garden, so maybe half the package we bought from Ace.  I'm not sure what we will do with the hay in the spring.  I guess we'll see what it lookes like in the spring.  I'd like to say 'have a happy winter,' but I hate it too much.  So how's this; I hope you survive winter well!

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