Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ides Of July... Almost

Oops, the middle of July passed and I almost forgot a garden update.  As you may know, I am trying to take pics at least every 2 weeks or so to follow the growth of everything.

The west garden is showing it's age a bit.  A couple days ago I cut the last of the lettuce for our neighbor.  What was left was old, rough, and had been beaten down by recent rain so I cut it down to the nubs.  I'll be surprised if we get anymore out of it, we already got way more than the package said to expect.  The garlic is about ready as well.  The stalks started to fall over under their own weight a while ago, as they brown up they will be picked.  As for the herbs, well they have turned into little bushes.  I'm not sure we expected such a yield.  I'm sure my wife has a plan to dry most of it for later use...

The strawberry plants in the east garden stopped flowering quite a while ago and seem to have turned their energies into new shoots.  They have been growing out in every direction.  All the better for next year...

Now I need to look up what kind of mulch should cover this area over the winter.  Perhaps something easily removed as in straw or hay?  I have time to figure that stuff out yet, though.

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