Thursday, April 1, 2010

Installation Successful

Last night (Wednesday), Our friends Bridget and Zubin were kind enough to come over to help move the boxes to their permanent destination behind the garage. Moving and placing them only took a few minutes, and it was so easy with 4 of us it was almost silly. So since it was so nice out, probably the warmest so far this spring, we planned on a few drinks and grilling out brats (and a veggie burger). It was alot of fun!

Today after work I went out and leveled them, top to bottom in the above pic from yesterday.  They slope down to the left away from the garage for drainage.  I also filled in the ruts I dug out around and under the sides so they would just fall into place.  I think we're gonna get rain Friday night and Saturday which I hope will be good to settle the dirt so I can pack it in on the sides again.  I'm hoping all is dry enough for Sunday so I can start the filling in process.  I'll have to stop procrastinating and get the new wheelbarrow put together by then!

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